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What if you had a website designed exactly as you want it and knew how to use it to get new business?
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INTRODUCTORY VIDEOS PROJECTS PORTFOLIO A fresh and practical approach to design & marketing online. Is your site mobile friendly? Click here to run a Google test. Building Your Internet House. How to do keyword research. Free and Low Cost Online Tools. See how you rank in other locations.

It’s time for a practical new look at how to

market your business online

Your website is the face of your company to the world.  This is the first impression that people get of who you are and what you do. It is your ‘Electric Store Front’. What kind of a statement do you want to make?  FORM vs FUNCTION An attractive website gives a much more enjoyable user experience but, they can only get that experience if they can find and view your website.  A purely ‘responsive’ website will automatically shrink and grow to the device viewing it. This is good but comes with a price that limits, or at least, alters creative expression.  What if you could have both? PRACTICAL and FUNDAMENTAL SEARCH OPTIMIZATION The Internet has been around for just over 20 years and it is developing consistently at a rapid pace. To truly  undertand and implement all the proper algorithms that the Search Engines use can be overwhelming. While understanding all these things it is important, there are some practical and fundamental things that can make a significant difference in how you rank online. See the link at the top of this page to download a free guide on 10 things you can do to rank online. OLD SCHOOL vs NEW SCHOOL SEO Old school SEO is all about understanding keywords and the technical aspects that the search engines use when evaluating your website.  In the early days of the Internet this was the key to getting ranked. New School SEO is undertanding what the serach engines want and then giving it to them. If you can prove that your website will deliver good value to end users and that people like and appreciate your products and services, you can rank higher.  It’s a simple matter of understanding a filter. The search engines want to filter out irrelevant content for any search term.  Rather than trying to figure out how the filter works, try to figure out what they are trying to filter out, and not put that stuff on your website. Give Google what Google wants and Google will give you what you want. A COMMUNICATION TOOL The Internet and your website is a COMMUNICATION TOOL. This is a hard concept for many people to get but, if you really get it, then you have access to a lot of power to move your business forward. You literally have the ability to be your own televsion station, to be your own post office and automatically deliver your information all over the world while providing outstanding cutomer service. DESIGN by OBJECTIVES You are the expert about your business. How you deliver your information is specific to what you want to accomplish.  Your website should accomplish the results you want to see.  What are the results you want to see? WHAT IS YOUR SEO SWEET SPOT? If you can figure this out, you can rank online for your business.  It depends on where you want to show up and how much competition you have.  The good news is that many businesses don’t understand how this works and you may be able to make a few small adjustments and dramtically improve your ranking. HISTORICAL PERSEPCTIVES and FUTURE VISION At any moment in history there are new opportunities.  The ability to be conscious of the past and see what’s coming is essential.  The world is hungry for new ideas and ways of doing things. In what ways can you be a visionary leader in your specific endavor. FREELANCE vs AGENCY Agencies can give you a large staff and a lot more technical ablity than I have.  What I can give you is personal attention and tutor you on how all of this works. I can help you know your options and make the best decisions for your company based on what you want and need and what your budget is. DARRY TUROCK T. Harv Eker said ‘Every Master Was Once a Disaster’.  That could sum up my experience as a web master and online marketing service provider. My parent’s became ill in their last years.  My Mom developed dementia and was bed ridden for the last year of her life.  My Dad had severe back pain and had always depened on Mom to make all the family decisions.  I had made a promise to my Dad to keep him out of a nursing home, so I moved into their home to take care of them 24/7.  I could not go out to work so I had to find something to do that I could do from home. I had done some web design as a hobby, so I made a bold decision to do website design because I could do it from home.  I picked up the phone and started calling companies and started to get clients. I was totally ignorant of SEO and only had rudimentary design skills. The long and short of it is, that after talking to hundreds if not thousands of small business owners I developed my skill, not only at design but also found many ways to help companies rank higher online. I didn’t charge enough to really spend the time needed for each client and ended up with too much work and too little money in the bank. Fast forward to today. I have developed the practical skills to help individuals and small businesses develop custom websites and set up practical and fundamental plans to win online. I focus on one on one personal attention and offer an eduation and introduce options that you can use to make your own decsions about what you can and want to do online. YOUR OPPORTUNITY You can now benfit from my experience and skills.  I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I may be your’s. The only way to find out is to have a conversation and check me out.  I can only handle so many clients so schedule a complimentary session with me while I can still offer them that way, or just give me a call at 716.790.8051
Request Your Free One-on-One Live Fun Webinar  YOUR FREE ANALYSIS ONLINE MARKETING 101 Submit this form and I will call you to schedule a time. At that scheduled time we will meet remotely using Meeting Burner, Google Hangouts or Skype. At this meeting we will discuss some or all of the following: Review of your current website and or goals. Design considerations and options you have. How to best incorporate social media and reviews. Overview of your marketing plan, if you have one, or how to create an online marketing plan specific to you unique business. Basic Introduction to How Online Marketing Works. The difference between Old School and New School SEO. Answer any other questions or concerns you have. Invite all your team to participate, even from many different locations.
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