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Darold (Darry) Turock
2233 West Columbia Street
Allentown, PA 18104
Freelance Web Developer
(610) 740-4605
(716) 790-8051
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These pages contain some of my work over the past several years. As time goes on I keep learning more and getting better and better at what I do. Check the categories to your left to preview them. My goal is to perfect the right balance between form and function.   The most effective and efficient websites are ones that accomplish a goal.  The first goal is to communicate something of value to the people you want to reach. Then, to have them take some action so that you can further communicate with them about your product, idea or service and finally ‘convert’ them into a loyal subscriber or customer. I do custom website design.  This is a process wherby you give me your concepts and preferences and I develop the design until it meets your specific preferences.  We discuss how your website will work and give you the best presentation possible while considering all the most recent search engine techniques and habits to help you rank online and show up well on all devices. My philosopy You are the expert at your business, not me.  I give you my opinions and tell you what your options are.  However, you know better than me about your businsses, so I always defer to your final decisions. I always consider the most practical and easy to use tools and systems and believe you should have full and complete onwership of and control over all your Internet properities.